The goal of this strategy is to improve the reservation infrastructure systems to support a stable economic base that promotes asset-building opportunities.

Over 42% of our reservation residents operate on a cash-only basis, and of those that have an account over 25% rely on alternative financial services such as pay day loans. Our Financial Literacy & Youth Individual Development Account Initiative provided knowledge and resources for our people to tap into fundamental financial tools, build assets, and develop habits of saving.

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Through this initiative, 1,800 individuals improved their financial literacy skills in order to support a lifetime of healthy financial habits.
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Our matched savings program provided $62,500 to support 165 youth as they pursued secondary education.

The Community Learning Centers Initiative established eight community centers at various locations throughout the reservation. These centers served as a central hub for programs and events, as well as provided basic services, such as access to phone, internet, and fax. Two community centers continue to serve local residents.

Leadership development at all levels has been and continues to be a strong focus of the Tribal Ventures plan. Leadership training improves confidence and decision-making skills, and prepares individuals for successful leadership roles with the community. Tribal Ventures facilitated orientation and trainings for tribal council and multiple tribal departments to foster strategic thinking by our leaders.

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Increasing Our Tribal Leadership Skills

  • Professional Development Training
  • Conferences & Retreats
  • Community Meetings
  • Strategic Planning Sessions

The Communications System Initiative focused on increasing awareness of opportunities by expanding radio access to all communities of the reservation. Specifically, Tribal Ventures assisted in the stabilization of KLND, purchased a Codex system to improve radio quality, and contracted with technology experts to explore available options for creating a stronger radio system. In addition, Tribal Ventures hosted a series of weekly shows that aimed to positively influence behaviors and thinking.