The goal of this strategy is to improve the employment skills and increase resource services for low-income people by focusing on individual development and a positive self-image.

Nearly half (47%) of the Cheyenne River Reservation population is unemployed. Respondents to our Voices survey cited reasons such as lack of education and experience as barriers to employment. Tribal Ventures’ Workforce Investment Initiative created a partnership to provide GED tutoring and other skill-building trainings to help our people overcome those barriers.

0 General Education Diplomas Earned
Since 2008, 113 individuals have earned their GED through our Workforce Development Initiative.
0 General Education Diplomas In Progress
An additional 742 have made progress toward this fundamental educational goal.
Cheyenne River Workforce Development Survey Report

January 2015

The Cheyenne River Reservation has high rates of both unemployment and economic poverty. We also have a large number of individuals who are able to work but due to lack of job opportunities or limited access to applicable jobs, these individuals remain unemployed. Tribal Ventures – along with the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, Four Bands Community Fund, Oyate Connections, and Vocational Rehabilitation – has been working hard to develop programming to serve the needs of our community members. The data presented in this report is intended to help tribal leaders and employers better understand the strengths and needs of our reservation workforce.

Tribal Ventures’ Partnership for Youth Internships Initiative provided opportunities for high school youth to organize and work together to improve their communities while learning valuable life skills.

0 Empowered Reservation Youth
Through this initiative, 112 reservation youth were empowered to embrace new attitudes towards education and self-determination and to make choices that will change their future.

Based on community surveys, Tribal Ventures’ Healing & Cultural Initiatives hosted various events across the reservation designed to help our people heal from historical influences of the past and develop a positive cultural self-identity. Cultural Mini-Grants provided up to $1,000 to fund local projects and events.

0 Cultural & Healing Events
0 Reservation Residents


Community Events that Strengthened our Culture

• Lakota Strengths          • Art of the Native View           • Heal the Healers

• Grief & Gratitude         • Youth Horseback Rides         • Lakota Create

• Holiday Events             • Healthy Relationships            • Circle of Hope

• Movie Nights                • Earth Day                                 • Land + Water = Food Summit




The goal of this our Lakota Immersion Child Care Planning Initiative is to help facilitate finding a solution to the critical shortage of day care services on the reservation while simultaneously revitalizing Lakota language and culture among our families. In 2008, through this initiative, Tribal Ventures conducted a survey and analyzed data to determine community interest and needs. Currently, Tribal Ventures is working to convene key stakeholders, establish partnerships, and identify funding sources to support the implementation of this project.